Treasury Services

Extensive global network, customized cash management and liquidity services

In a world of constant change, it is refreshing to deal with a stable partner whom you can trust to be there for you. We are that institution—400+ years old, with a storied history of supporting our valuable clients. On this rich legacy, we have built a modern, global business, supporting our clients’ needs around the world with bespoke service. Our strength in Transaction Banking is our ability to offer an extensive banking network worldwide, to meet clients’ needs in specific markets of choice.

We understand that not every client fits into a standard, cookie-cutter solution, so we work to provide customized, tailor-made global liquidity and cash management services to support a diverse set of clients. We are committed to Transaction Banking, with hundreds of staff members positioned around the globe, ready to support your business.

Our solutions


We provide solutions for cash management and payment processing that help you easily collect, view, automate, and control your cash in a secure and timely manner to optimize your global cash positions. We offer standard as well as customized solutions to support you, including:

  • Wire Transfer

    For large-value-fund transfers that need same-day attention, including investments, foreign exchange, and third-party settlements, our Wire Transfer solution allows for fast and efficient domestic and international payment processing. We also provide real-time tracking features that give you transparency into the status of your payments and generate confirmations when transfers are completed.

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)

    For cost-efficient, high-volume payments to vendors, tax authorities, or employees, our ACH service securely facilitates single or batch electronic disbursements in a quick and transparent manner. We support future-dated and same-day payments and collections.

  • Controlled Disbursement

    Controlled Disbursement is designed to improve cash management by minimizing disbursement risk, reducing borrowing requirements, and taking advantage of investment opportunities with minimal administrative involvement. Paired with our other risk-mitigating features, such as Positive Pay and Payee Positive Pay, Controlled Disbursement helps reduce the occurrence of fraudulent activity.

  • Commercial Card

    Our Commercial Card service provides you the flexibility to issue credit cards to employees, which they can use for things like purchasing supplies and booking services, as well as travel and entertainment expenses. This service helps corporate clients simplify and gain visibility into their expense management, while realizing additional discounts from early-payment terms.

  • Positive Pay/Payee Positive Pay

    Our clients benefit from the protection of Positive Pay, an automated check-matching service that mitigates check-fraud risk and facilitates account reconciliation. For additional risk mitigation, Payee Positive Pay allows you to include payee information as a data element. All incoming checks are reviewed and paid only when every data element is matched with the information you provide. Checks that do not match the information you provide are flagged as exceptions for you to analyze further.


Our team understands the challenges you face and provides a variety of receivables solutions to help you meet your objectives. Our products include:

  • Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP)

    EBPP provides the ability to distribute bills, process payments, track, and reconcile billing from a uniquely branded, easy-to-use, centralized portal on our client’s website. Any payments made via your website will automatically credit to your SMBC-linked account. Multiple payment methods and types are supported for the convenience of everyone, including your valuable customers and vendors.

  • Lockbox

    Our Lockbox services help you to streamline receivables and reduce risk, with a national network of collection sites and automated data capture with online archives of images. Automatic escalation and exception management, combined with consolidated reporting, allow for transparent and easy management of receivables.

  • Remote Check Deposit

    With Remote Check Deposit, you can quickly process high volumes of checks from the convenience of your office, by optically scanning and transmitting the images to us, where they are processed and cleared. This solution helps reduce per-deposit costs and provides you the flexibility to increase volumes and more quickly process receivables.

Liquidity Management

Various liquidity management solutions are offered to optimize cash balances and put surplus funds to work. We provide liquidity services for corporate customers across the Americas, with tools to manage liquidity positions. It provides companies with a means to centralize control of cash positions, leading to maximizing the use of idle cash balances.

Global Cash Pooling

Our Global Cash Pooling solution allows clients to centralize excess cash into a single account automatically, to manage it more efficiently. This enables clients to better understand group companies’ liquidity needs and provides opportunities to invest excess funds in interest-earning products. Cash pooling helps you make the most of your money, with funds automatically swept between your designated subsidiary accounts and main pooling accounts at the end of each day.

Zero Balance Accounts

To provide clients with precise control of funds and automated balance transfer, Zero Balance Accounts sweeps ending balances to a central account, where they can be better managed, earn interest, or cover overdrafts. Zero Balance Accounts help efficiently manage multiple accounts across regions, and various institutions, reducing costs and risks while yielding cash management benefits.

Delivery Channels

We provide you with a range of digital solutions tailored to meet your business needs. These options include:

  • Direct Transmission

    Our Direct Transmission or host-to-host solution enables you to send and receive files securely in industry-standard file formats, to connect you to your preferred enterprise resource planning or treasury management system.

  • Online Banking

    Manage your cash virtually and make real-time business decisions securely through E-Moneyger®—our corporate online banking portal with tailored reporting features and fund-transfer capabilities.


    As a member of the SWIFT network, we help you make payments and receive banking information via SWIFT’s messaging platform. This facilitates streamlined communication with multiple banking partners through a consolidated, secure, and standard communication channel. And with the implementation of SWIFT GPI, our team is ready to provide you enhanced capabilities for status, tracking, and confirmation.

Our team partners with you to provide customized cash management services

We work with our clients to identify and customize global liquidity and cash management services to support your specific business needs.