Loan Sales and Trading

Investor relationships deep and wide

Our team’s purpose is a significant part of our platform to bring the right solutions to you as the client. We source investors to provide liquidity for your transactions. Our people maintain deep relationships across the market, which covers more than 300 banks and 300 institutional investors. They provide us the latest feedback on investor trends and appetite in the market. We then incorporate that into structuring each deal.

Global footprint great benefit to clients

Key to our strength in this area is our global footprint. We are able to coordinate the distribution of deals on a global basis. We work seamlessly with our colleagues in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia, and Japan to find the most efficient investor base for your particular financing. As part of our full-service platform, our distribution team has loan trading capabilities to support SMBC-led transactions in the market post-closing.

This service strengthens our investor relationships and allows us to deliver real-time market feedback that we use to ensure you, as the client, are receiving the most competitive terms available.

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