About Us

A rich history underscores purpose, potential, and prosperity

Our company was built on long-lasting relationships and trust—earned through an unshakable foundation and shared success. A steadfast commitment to honor runs through everyone in our organization.

We use research and we listen to understand what the client really needs. Offering our consultative style throughout our relationship, we lead with innovation paired with enduring expertise. Our unique approach has built close partnerships with our clients and delivered unprecedented growth for generations.

We offer a range of commercial and investment banking services to our corporate, institutional, and municipal clients. Our approach of knowing our clients, their business, and their unique story, helps us empower them to achieve their goals in a dynamic world.

In the Americas, we are more than 5,000 employees strong, with a presence in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and the U.S. We are all united in our dedication to delivering client success.


Leading through expertise and leading by example

SMBC Group in the Americas is led by dedicated individuals with deep industry experience and shared cultural values. They nurture strong, long-lasting client relationships and care deeply about the well-being, safety, and success of employees.


Culture and Values

Investing in people and the planet

We are committed to the growth of our clients, the development of our people, and the advancement of society. We believe prosperity can be achieved without sacrificing honor and integrity. That’s why we promote a better and safer world for all.

The organizational culture is determined by the actions of the people within it. The way we conduct ourselves as individuals demonstrates who we are as a company. Our Values serve as building blocks of our culture and give rise to the behavior expected of all employees.

Understanding, accepting, and choosing to act in accordance with our company’s standards, industry regulations, and the principles of honesty and fairness is essential to our business.

Our clients are our reason for existence. Our deep commitment to each relationship allows us to tailor solutions based on valuable insights.

We challenge established methods and solutions and embrace new ideas and perspectives to generate growth for clients and for the good of the organization.

We work swiftly and efficiently for client success, without sacrificing accuracy and diligence for proper compliance and risk management.

We are one team using the collective knowledge of our diverse talent across the Americas to better serve our clients across the globe.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Strength from different perspectives

The diversity of our employees is the source of our resilience. We believe that an array of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives will create a stronger organization, generate creative solutions, and build a better society. We stand against intolerance and ensure every office is welcoming and inclusive.

Our employee-led Enterprise Resource Groups (ERGs) acknowledge the diversity in our organization, create awareness, and drive conversations around problem-solving, leadership, and collaboration. These groups continue to grow in number and perfectly embody how the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.


Awards and recognition underscore leadership

SMBC Group in the Americas is consistently recognized for our business, sustainability, and being an inclusive workplace. Our people make all of this happen on behalf of our clients and ourselves.
Global Bond House of the Year
Project Finance International
Infrastructure Bank of the Year Latin America
Financial Advisor of the Year


Committed to protecting our future

As a financial institution, we understand the role we play in building a more sustainable world. We are committed to acting as responsible stewards of our environment and communities. Our 10-year plan, GREENxGLOBE 2030, represents our vision for enabling a prosperous future for upcoming generations.


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More than 400 years of endless growth and stability

From our roots as Japanese merchants to our present as an international financial firm, SMBC boasts more than four centuries of integrity and innovation. More than a hundred years ago, we bravely ventured to the Americas, bringing along our focus on long-lasting relationships and tradition of honorable service. Our people have continued to earn trust, while forging a path of innovation for the stakeholders we serve.


An international network of passionate collaborators

In the Americas, we are powered by more than 4,000 dedicated industry experts. We work to deliver comprehensive financial solutions to institutions in seven countries across the Americas.