Debt Capital Markets

Global experts in advice, structuring, execution, and investor positioning

Bringing the right issuers and investors together is a specialty of our experts—the same experts who keep a close watch on the markets. Our dedicated debt capital markets desk is globally focused, providing advice and execution for public and private bond issuance in core markets, such as those denominated in Euros, U.S. Dollars, Sterling, and Yen1. By emphasizing integrated solutions across our various product groups, we remain product-agnostic and deliver tailored results based on what best fits our clients’ funding needs.

Domestic to global—we’re there

Our team is one of the leading bookrunners of domestic and international debt issuances. We guide clients through the issuance process, from structuring, documentation, and legal requirements to execution and investor relations. Particular focus is placed on corporate, structured, ESG (environmental, social, and governance), and emerging market benchmark transactions—all of which are distributed to a global investor audience.

Integrated solutions fit to individual clients

We provide integrated solutions across capital raising, transaction structuring, risk management, and capital structure optimization. We complement this idea generation with transaction execution services.

Sustainable finance is a key area of focus for our business, as we strive to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals via the debt markets.

The Debt Syndication desk interfaces between the origination and distribution functions and facilitates best execution for our clients. The Debt Syndication team uses its expertise in market dynamics, investor appetite, and pricing to underwrite new issue public bond transactions originated by the Debt Capital Markets team. Global coordination across syndicate desks allows our clients to access multiple debt markets and currencies on the same day.
The Corporate Strategy and Analytics team provides advisory input for corporations, ranging from optimal capital and funding structures and ratings advisory to forward-looking credit market trends, investor and credit analyst perception feedback, and investor positioning.
The Debt Capital Markets Structured Finance team focuses on the origination, structuring, and execution of structured debt financing transactions, including project and infrastructure bonds, aircraft and shipping finance transactions, export credit agency (ECA) covered bonds, and asset-backed securities (ABS). These transactions are distributed in both the public debt markets and via private placements to institutional investors.
The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) team operates at the intersection of sustainability and finance. The team is responsible for helping our clients find financing-driven solutions to further their sustainability initiatives. Our team’s background and expertise cover every aspect of ESG finance, including stakeholder engagement, financing structuring and marketing, and deal execution. By leading a dedicated process across capital markets, origination, syndicate, and sales and trading, we aim to deliver best-in-class financing outcomes and help our clients achieve their sustainability-driven goals.
The Liability Management team advises corporate clients on ways to optimize their capital structures and provides nimble execution on debt repurchases, exchanges, consent solicitations, and other strategies. These transactions can be either stand-alone or part of wider corporate restructurings, as clients look to make their balance sheet more efficient.
The Debt Capital Markets Origination team collaborates with other desks across the globe to provide holistic, value-added advice and execution for their issuers across currencies and structures. Using their deep understanding of the capital markets, they help to tailor solutions for their clients’ needs.
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