For Professionals

Our team values expertise, experience, and willing collaborators

Joining SMBC Group in the Americas feels like coming home for a lot of people. It is an environment where all are respected, teams work together to support one another, and clients get products and services designed just for them. We also work toward creating a sustainable society. We are a global company that operates seamlessly across regions to support clients.


Continue your career in financial services with us

Our people are passionate about what they do, bring broad and deep expertise, and are humbler than most. We also have fun together. If you’re interested in this kind of workplace and these types of people, then we’re interested in hearing from you.


We spend a lot of time working, so it's important to enjoy what we do and with whom we work. Here, we have fun as a team and also produce top-level solutions for our clients. Our expertise and the breadth of knowledge we cover is tremendous. SMBC really is a place to continue to learn, be valued, and spend a worthwhile career.

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