Our People

Be part of something distinctive

When it comes down to it, one of our greatest differentiators is our people. Our people strategize and implement unique solutions—nothing pre-packaged for our clients. The work environment is defined by our team members and our culture is brought to life by those same people.

Yes, we work hard, but we also are bold enough to admit that we have fun in the workplace. This is a place people come to stay—they find their home here—especially those who have worked somewhere else first and see the true difference in being part of Team SMBC. Our employees can continuously learn, grow, and be respected for the work they do and the enthusiasm with which they do it. 

The spirit of entrepreneurs is valued and nurtured here. We are a large, global organization, but it is possible to make a difference and contribute similar to a start-up. We look for those minds who can see beyond the conventional and suggest the unusual. It is possible to have both the stability and the freedom to create within our enterprise. 

Anyone who has worked for more than one organization knows that culture is critical. We see ours as another differentiator for talented individuals who want to work for a global financial institution. It is not simply a phrase on a poster, it is how we work. We respect one another and our individual talents. We fit together to make an enjoyable work experience and a successful financial organization. It all comes down to our people.

Meet Team SMBC Group

In the Americas, we owe our strength to the diversity of our employees. We believe an array of backgrounds and perspectives creates stronger organizations and a better society. That is leadership by example. Along with our unique approach to client relationships and our creative solutions to challenges, we are leading the way for the entire world of finance.

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