Comprehensive insight and platforms institutional clients require

Not all companies are the same. We understand the approach must fit the individual client’s needs. With full global platforms and a team of experts ready to match the solution to the client, we know the global economy, understand market nuances, and have the connections to deliver on your objectives.

Clients have confidence in our solutions. Deep and broad accurately describe the expertise of our team and the relationships we have nurtured. Clients depend on our abiding relationships with investors who are geographically dispersed, our seamless global network, as well as the intellectual prowess of our team advising them throughout the process. Comprehensive economic insight is part of our appeal. We always look out for the client’s best interest while developing the ideal solutions.

Equity sales and trading

As a trusted advisor to our asset-manager clients, we deliver a fully comprehensive equities platform with top-quality single-stock and thematic research, equity capital markets offerings, and high-touch equities trading.

Our U.S. institutional equity team works closely with colleagues in Japanese equities and fixed-income distribution to deliver for money-management clients.

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Fixed Income Sales and Trading

Global reach and economic insight are a powerful combination

We support clients in dynamic market conditions, providing liquidity and intellectual thought leadership across the world of fixed income. Our platform distributes fixed-income products to the largest institutional investors on a global basis. Working with colleagues worldwide, our team is able to bring investors enticing opportunities from long-standing lending relationships around the globe.

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Loan Sales and Trading

Investor relationships extend around the globe

We exist to provide bespoke solutions and a full-service platform for individual clients. We source investors to provide liquidity for their transactions, available on a global basis. Our team cultivates long-lasting relationships that run deep with banks and institutional investors. Their feedback ensures that we have the latest on investor trends and market appetite, which helps with structuring each deal.

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