Culture and Values

Our foundation is strong, our values unwavering

A company's leadership has a crucial moment when it decides what it is going to stand for and what values will be upheld. Our culture is built upon this foundation. We invest in our people and our world. Honor is at our core, and with that, prosperity has meaning. All of our people stand behind that promise.

Culture and Values

Investing in people and the planet

We are committed to the growth of our clients, the development of our people, and the advancement of society. We believe prosperity can be achieved without sacrificing honor and integrity. That’s why we promote a better and safer world for all.

The organizational culture is determined by the actions of the people within it. The way we conduct ourselves as individuals demonstrates who we are as a company. Our Values serve as building blocks of our culture and give rise to the behavior expected of all employees.


Understanding, accepting, and choosing to act in accordance with our company’s standards, industry regulations, and the principles of honesty and fairness is essential to our business.

Customer First

Our clients are our reason for existence. Our deep commitment to each relationship allows us to tailor solutions based on valuable insights.

Proactive & Innovative

We challenge established methods and solutions and embrace new ideas and perspectives to generate growth for clients and for the good of the organization.

Speed & Quality

We work swiftly and efficiently for client success, without sacrificing accuracy and diligence for proper compliance and risk management.

Team “SMBC Group”

We are one team using the collective knowledge of our diverse talent across the Americas to better serve our clients across the globe.

Our Code of Conduct

We are committed to doing everything we can to best serve our clients, our society and each other for the good of our organization.