We have the opportunity—you bring it to life

Finance fuels the world and we are at the forefront of making our clients’ projects and ambitions a reality. As an international team of passionate financial experts, we have a place for both experienced professionals and those beginning their careers. What unites us is an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to supporting our clients around the world. Our culture is collaborative. Everyone has a chance to make an impact. Everyone is treated with respect and dignity.


Talented collaborators, willing leaders, financial experts, passionate individuals: look here

We grow and evolve alongside our clients. We care about sustaining society for the long term. That means we need experienced professionals and discerning leaders to ensure we continue to expand, diversify, and connect with our global partners.

You have the chance with us to contribute in a meaningful way and work with other experienced professionals in an environment where "team" is not just a word—it's a core value.

For Professionals
College Graduates: Analyst Program

Looking for a rewarding career in global finance? Our Analyst Program for recent college graduates could be the catalyst you need. You will work alongside and learn from leaders who lead by example and experienced professionals who are setting the stage for the future of finance.

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Student Internships

Get to know us. We are sure you will want to share in our history and become part of our future. Grooming the next generation of leaders is important to our firm, our clients, and society at large. As a summer intern, you will get hands-on experience in one of our client-facing teams or risk management business units. This internship program is an excellent gateway to participate in our full-time Analyst Program upon graduation.

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Proud to be a leader with global recognition

What is most important to us is our people and the outstanding work they do. That work leads to the kinds of awards and recognition that underscore our inclusive and professional environment. We are proud of our achievements and even more proud of the work that continues day in and day out without fanfare, just because it is the right thing to do.
Corporate Equality Index
Human Rights Campaign Foundation
Gender-Equality Index
Diversity & Inclusion Honor Roll
Strength from different perspectives

The diversity of our employees is the source of our resilience. We believe that an array of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives creates stronger organizations and a better society, as well as generating more creative solutions. We stand against intolerance and ensure every office is welcoming and inclusive.

Our employee-led Enterprise Resource Groups (ERGs) continue to grow in number, acknowledge the diversity within our company, and perfectly embody how the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. These groups create awareness and drive conversations around problem solving, leadership, and collaboration.


At SMBC, I’m an integral part of a team. Working on digital communications, I get to bring what I do best to work every day. Being able to make a difference and see my effort come to life for my colleagues and our clients is very important to me.

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