Advisory Solutions

Leading the way with depth of knowledge

Clients come to us for a true partnership, where we lend our depth and breadth of experience and capability to bring their ideas and projects to life. Nothing beats steadfast dedication to realizing client goals with a type of expertise and global footprint that is neither easily established nor replicated. SMBC brings that and our unprecedented team-oriented approach to each and every deal.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In this space, it is all about the team you hire, and our team is second to none. We work seamlessly as a global organization, which allows us to focus on cross-border deals and provide that uniquely Japanese client-service quality expected within our organization. The complexity related to cross-border transactions allows our people to exhibit the depth and breadth of the knowledge, understanding, and talent they bring to each relationship. We combine global resources with local market expertise.

In our advisory capacity, as the intermediary/broker, we connect the buy-side and sell-side1. We handle valuations, corporate opinions, restructuring, and anything else the client needs—from complex corporate problems to transactions.

Our clients receive senior-level attention and extensive merger and acquisition-related corporate advisory expertise. The international scope of our services allows us to provide deep industry knowledge in critical sectors of the global economy.

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With a focus on domestic and cross-border transactions, our Mergers and Acquisitions bankers advise on both large-cap and small to midsized situations for both public and private companies.

We provide advisory services for:

  • Corporate acquisitions and divestitures
  • Valuations and fairness opinions
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Leveraged and management buyouts
  • Restructuring and distressed transactions
  • Explore and evaluate M&A strategy and opportunities through industry and competitive analysis
  • Research on industries and potential targets or partners
  • Identify, screen, recommend and provide access to prospective targets, acquirers, or partners through our extensive Americas network
  • Control entire transaction process
  • Integrate and organize the client deal team and counterparty interactions
  • Coordinate with various due diligence and advisory professionals
  • Provide a formal or informal valuation
  • Advise on pricing strategy and dynamics
  • Perform analyses and advise on transaction structure
  • Coordinate legal, accounting, tax, environmental, human resources, and other professionals in due diligence process
  • Identify any significant business/financial issues
  • Import due diligence results into the valuation model or structure
  • Prepare for the negotiation
  • Advise on negotiation
  • Provide support in identifying and resolving problems
  • Advise on acquisitions in and out of bankruptcy
  • Recommend capital strategies and strategic options for underperforming businesses

Capital Structure Advisory

We find businesses in the Americas for our clients to sell or buy, and provide clients with financing solutions, especially in event-driven and complex situations resulting in significant changes to corporate balance sheets. As a strategic advisor, our team provides that advisory role from start to finish, including capital structure, share buybacks, and whatever is needed for a successful client outcome1.

One of our clear specializations is advising on eco-friendly businesses—environmentally, socially, and diversity-friendly.

We help clients develop holistic solutions for a wide variety of strategic corporate actions:

  • Provide unique perspective and insights on transactions ranging from mergers & acquisitions to spin-offs and asset disposals
  • Advise clients on a broad range of issues, including optimal capital structure, debt & equity market access, cost of capital, liquidity solutions and capital allocation strategies
  • Advise clients on structuring and execution considerations with respect to domestic and cross-border transactions
  • Provide solutions for raising new debt and refinancing existing debt, including associated credit rating implications
  • Provide objective views on all aspects of raising equity capital from IPOs to follow-on offerings, including valuation, structuring, sizing & pricing, investor targeting, and shareholder registry optimization
  • Analyze environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities and formulate bespoke financing solutions, while extending the client’s workbench 
  • Provide deal execution documentation review and investor marketing  
  • Deliver in-depth market insights and ESG investor feedback 
Our services are provided by SMBC Nikko Securities America, Inc.