A rich history underscores purpose, potential, and prosperity

Our company was built on long-lasting relationships and trust—earned through an unshakable foundation and shared success. A steadfast commitment to honor runs through everyone in our organization.

More than 400 years of endless growth and stability

From our roots as Japanese merchants to our present as an international financial firm, SMBC boasts more than four centuries of integrity and innovation. More than a hundred years ago, we bravely ventured to the Americas, bringing along our focus on long-lasting relationships and tradition of honorable service. Our people have continued to earn trust, while forging a path of innovation for the stakeholders we serve.



The Sumitomo family business opens

Masatomo Sumitomo, a native of Kyoto, started a copper-refining business and established industrial capital integrating copper-mine development, refining and export.


The Mitsui family business opens

Takatoshi Mitsui opened Echigoya, a high-volume kimono retail store—perhaps the world’s first and largest in terms of space and employees—in Edo, present-day Tokyo.


The Mitsui and Sumitomo families expand capabilities

Mitsui and Sumitomo strengthened their capabilities in imports and exports, finance, transportation, and manufacturing to become two of the top business names in Japan.


Mitsui Bank established

The Mitsui family established Mitsui Bank, the first private sector bank in Japan.


Sumitomo Bank established

The Sumitomo family established Sumitomo Bank in Osaka with the capitalization of one million yen.


San Francisco Branch of Sumitomo Bank opens

The first commercial bank from Japan to open a branch overseas.


Japan established its New York Agency (converted to Branch status 1922)

Expanding its footprint in the Americas.


New York Branch of Mitsui Bank opens

Expanding its footprint in the Americas.


Brazil subsidiary of Sumitomo Bank opens

Entering one of the most dynamic emerging markets in the world.


Manufacturers Bank joins Mitsui Bank

To serve middle market and small business clients.


Los Angeles Branch of Sumitomo Bank opens

Expanding its footprint in the Americas.


Mitsui Bank merges with Taiyo Kobe Bank

To form Mitsui Taiyo Kobe Bank.


Mitsui Taiyo Kobe Bank renamed Sakura Bank

The Sakura brand is highly complementary with strength in Eastern Japan.


Sakura Bank and Sumitomo Bank merge

To form Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.


Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group established

To enhance governance and strengthen strategic businesses of the group.


Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing formed

To expand business into finance and leasing space.


Nikko Cordial Securities (now SMBC Nikko Securities) joins SMFG

Well respected broker-dealer added to world-wide capability.


SMFG listed on New York Stock Exchange

In a pivotal move, SMFG’s shares start trading on Wall Street.


SMBC Rail Services joins SMBC

Expanding the leasing and equipment space to SMBC.


American Railcar Leasing, of the United States, joins SMFG

SMFG completes American Railcar Leasing acquisition.