Lease Finance

Growing business through smart leasing strategies

Whether your goal is to improve return on invested capital or to better manage working capital, SMBC Group in the Americas is your go-to partner as a preeminent provider of structured lease finance solutions and other financial products1. What we offer is comprehensive. We know our global client base expects bespoke financial structures that provide corporate finance solutions. Our expert team handles sophisticated lease financing and both cross-border and in-country financing solutions with ease from our offices in Frankfurt, London, New York, Sydney and Mexico City.

Experts at the ready

Our approach is to be proactive, flexible, and agile for our clients, offering financial stability, end-to-end support, and a global reach, with proven leaders in this space. By leveraging our team’s extensive accounting and tax knowledge, asset valuation, and corporate finance, and our expertise in lease structures, we can anticipate potential tax implications and see strategic opportunities that others might miss. In the U.S., Asia, and Europe, our clients rely on our proven ability to create innovative solutions that propel their businesses forward.

We are able to act in the capacity of arranger, lessor, lessee advisor, principal, equity investor and senior and mezzanine lender in leasing and asset-based financings.

  • Diversified

    We have the combined expertise and technology to deliver creative solutions for any capital requirement. Our strong balance sheet enables us to offer differentiated strategies to our institutional clients seeking high-leverage financing.

  • Aircraft Leasing

    We lease commercial jet aircraft to airlines and offer investors and aircraft owners a range of investment opportunities and management services.

Lease Finance Offerings

We provide customized tax- and non-tax-oriented leases and structured finance products for the global marketplace. We leverage more than $1 billion in total capitalization to serve as lessee advisor, deal arranger, principal, and equity/debt placement agent. Our team consists of industry experts who have extensive experience leading, advising, and arranging leases and other asset-based transactions for our clients’ cross-border strategies.

Equity Investment

We arrange and/or participate as an equity investor and as a lender in structured financings for:

  • Aircraft, trucking, and maritime equipment
  • Corporate real estate
  • Power-generating, industrial, and other commercial facilities and related equipment
  • Renewable energy projects
  • IT equipment (capital leases and secured loans)

Our services are provided by SMBC Leasing and Finance, Inc.