Railcar Leasing

Railcar leasing solutions with end-to-end support

Whether you’re hauling flammables or standard freight, safe and reliable transportation is the top priority. We’re a full-service lessor of long-lived rolling stock, offering comprehensive rail leasing solutions1. Our fleet of railcars is one of the youngest and most diversified in North America, consisting of over 52,000 railcars.

A portfolio of leasing options tailored to your needs

Our leasing experts work with you to find the right transportation solution that will allow you to scale your rail operations. We offer flexible lease options that include full-service, net operating, and per diem leasing so you can confidently transport any load, no matter the size or trip duration.


We provide net and full-service operating leases and financing to move a diverse range of products.

  • Aggregates, Cement, Ore and Minerals
  • Agriculture, Fertilizer and Food Products
  • Energy and Coal
  • Ethanol, Biofuels and Renewable Products
  • Flour and Food-Grade Commodities
  • Intermodal
  • Lumber/Forest Products
  • Paper, Packaged Items, and Canned Foods
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Pipe, Steel Beams, Rolled Steel and Scrap
  • Plastics
  • Waste, Construction and Demolition
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Product Offerings and Services

We provide an array of railcar leasing and service offerings.

Lease Offerings

Full-Service operating leases that include maintenance, repairs, tank qualifications and railcar inspections.

Net leases where the maintenance/repair and administrative services are your (the lessee’s) responsibility.

Per Diem leases where revenue is based on hourly rates, mileage, and utilization.

Sale-Leaseback options where SMBC purchases all or some of a shipper’s fleet and leases the railcars back on a Net or Full-Service lease.

Asset Expertise

Dedicated Customer Service team to assist customers in managing a complex railcar regulatory environment by handling all aspects of a customer’s account, including billing and car shopping to reduce the administrative burden on customers’ railcar operations.   

Experienced Engineering team can provide technical solutions, such as car specification reviews, modifications and repair instructions, on various rail assets.

Railcar Condition – We can assist in coordinating timely and corrective maintenance, including reviewing repair estimates for running repairs, notification of regulatory events and the management of shopping activities.

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A team dedicated to find your solution

We make it our business to ensure you have the best railcar leasing solution designed for your specific needs, from the equipment and financing to maintenance services and asset expertise.

Our services are provided by SMBC Rail Services LLC.