Osamu Yagi

Osamu Yagi

Head of Strategic Planning Department

Osamu Yagi is Managing Director, General Manager, and Head of the Strategic Planning Department (SPDAD) for SMBC Group in the Americas. In this role, Osamu is responsible for strategic planning, corporate development, and sustainability, in addition to serving as liaison for the Head Office representing SPDAD.

Osamu was appointed as Head of the Strategic Planning Department in April 2023 after holding the role of Managing Director and Joint General Manager of the Governance Planning Department since August 2020.

Osamu began his career with the firm in Tokyo in 1998, with the Shinjuku-Nishiguchi Branch in its Operations, Foreign Exchange, and Business Promotion Department. He joined the International Finance Department in 2001, where he engaged in project finance business.

In November 2002, Osamu moved to London, where he managed the project finance business in the EMEA region. In addition to leading the team in originating transactions, Osamu was responsible for strategic planning of the firm’s project finance business in EMEA, contributing to make SMBC one of the leading players in this field.

After spending 12 years in London, Osamu returned to Tokyo in November 2014 to join the company’s Global Human Resources Department, where he developed strategies and infrastructure to identify, develop, and deploy talent on a global basis to support and enhance further globalization of the organization. Osamu was promoted to become General Manager of the Global Human Resources Department in April 2017 and led various initiatives until he moved to New York in 2020.

Osamu has a Bachelor of Law from The University of Tokyo.