Syndicated loan origination, distribution and execution

SMBC Group is a leading global bank with loan capital markets coverage in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and New York.

Inter-regional cooperation is an important focus of SMBC Group, and the bank is able to tap its international distribution resources for the placement of transactions with a comprehensive investor base. SMBC Group has been active for over 30 years in the EMEA syndicated loan market.

SMBC is a top ten bookrunner by EMEA loan volume – Dealogic 2022.


Loan capital markets are an integral partner of the EMEA business and play a leading role in structuring, pricing, advising, executing and distributing multi-lender facilities. With a strong balance sheet, SMBC Group is able to underwrite significant amounts in a timely and efficient manner.

Loan capital markets covers the full remit of lending products

  • Acquisition finance
  • Advisory
  • Bridge finance
  • Export finance
  • Leasing
  • Leveraged finance
  • Maritime and aircraft finance
  • Private placements and Schuldschein
  • Project finance
  • Real estate finance
  • Revolving credit facilities
  • Samurai loans
  • Term loans
  • Trade finance

Experienced syndicators in the bank’s London team offer origination, distribution and a fully staffed customer-facing agency function to cover transactions for corporate, structured and leveraged finance borrowers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The team has a dedicated execution function responsible for the timely production, negotiation and execution of syndicated facilities.


The syndicated loan is a core product for SMBC Group, one which the bank has enjoyed consistent success in delivering to its customers as bookrunner, underwriter and coordinator.

SMBC Group’s loan capital markets team has been able to adapt to the EMEA region’s dynamic competitive environment and has been involved in many leading roles in landmark transactions in EMEA.

Underwriting, arranging and bookrunning

SMBC Group enjoys a strong market presence in the arrangement and underwriting of syndicated loan transactions.

The London-based loan syndications team is an integral partner of the EMEA business, its wide-ranging experience and track record have enabled the bank to achieve a leading position in the EMEA syndicated loan market as bookrunner, coordinator and arranger.


SMBC Group currently acts as agent for more than 300 facilities across the EMEA region. The agency team is responsible for a number of PFI deals, project finance transactions in transport and energy, as well as leveraged, shipping and borrowing base facilities.

Secondary distribution

The bank’s specialist distribution team acts as an instrument of portfolio management for the EMEA region, buying and selling assets either individually or through programmes on behalf of other business areas of the bank.

Credit risk insurance

SMBC Group is a user of the growing credit risk insurance product to support portfolio management and as a risk distribution tool in the bank’s primary and secondary market activities.