Protection and safeguarding

SMBC Group hereby announces its privacy policy regarding customer information, which sets forth the SMBC Group policies for the handling of customers’ personal information and SMBC Group’s basic approach to the protection and safeguarding of personal information within the SMBC Group EMEA region.


Management of personal information

SMBC Group recognises that the proper use and safeguarding of personal information is an important social responsibility. As such, SMBC Group makes every effort to ensure that, in carrying out its business operations, customers’ personal information is properly used and safeguarded, and that the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan, those of other applicable jurisdictions, and other information-control related laws and regulations, as well as SMBC Group EMEA region internal rules and regulations (including this policy), are strictly observed.

Collection of information

SMBC Group collects only personal information that is necessary for it to conduct its business operations. Only legal and appropriate methods are used in the collection of such personal information.

Use of personal information

SMBC Group designates specific purposes for which customers’ personal information will be used and the personal information will be used only as necessary to achieve those purposes. SMBC Group will not use the personal information for any other purposes. In cases where the use of specific personal information is regulated or restricted by laws, SMBC Group will limit its use to comply with such applicable laws and regulations. The purposes for which SMBC Group uses customers’ personal information are disclosed on its website. For further information please contact the relevant branch or subsidiary.

Providing personal information to third parties

SMBC Group will not disclose personal information to third parties, unless there are justifiable grounds, such as if a disclosure is required under laws and regulations, if it is in the legitimate interest of the bank, or to fulfil our contractual obligations.

Sensitive information

SMBC Group does not collect, use, or provide to third parties any sensitive information (for example, political affiliation, religion, race or ethnic group) unless required by law.

Security measures and safeguards

SMBC Group stores and manages customers’ personal information, endeavouring to keep it current and accurate, while at the same time employing appropriate security measures and safeguards to prevent leakages and other problems. SMBC Group also maintains necessary and appropriate supervision and oversight of employees and service providers who handle personal information.

Continuous improvement

SMBC Group will review and revise this policy on an ongoing basis, taking into account new developments in information technology, changes in societal demands, and other relevant factors. Through these efforts, SMBC Group aims to improve management of its customers’ personal information on an ongoing basis.

Customer requests concerning personal information

SMBC Group will endeavour to properly and promptly respond to customer requests for:

  • Notification of the purpose for which SMBC Group uses personal information
  • Disclosure of the customer’s personal information held by SMBC Group
  • Correction, addition, or deletion of personal information in cases where there are errors in the customer’s personal information held by SMBC Group
  • Suspension of use or complete deletion of the customer’s personal information held by SMBC Group
  • Termination of providing the customer’s personal information to third parties.

Comments and requests

SMBC Group will make every effort to respond quickly and conscientiously to customers’ comments, opinions, and requests concerning the handling of personal information. For further enquiries, please contact the relevant branch or subsidiary.


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