JSC Sumitomo Mitsui Rus Bank (SMBCR) offers a broad range of financial services and provides corporate customers with extensive expertise supported by SMBC Group’s worldwide network and strong presence in financial markets.

SMBC Group has been active in Russia for many years, and established its Moscow representative office in 2005. SMBCR was established in 2009 to further develop commercial banking business in the country.

In 2011, SMBCR increased its charter capital to 6.4 billion rubles to expand the capability of its onshore banking business.

Corporate profile of SMBCR

President Manabu Hirabayashi
Capital stock RUB 12.3bn (including subordinated loan RUB 3.1bn)
Ownership 99% SMBC
Head office Presnenskaya naberezhnaya, 10, block C, 20F, Moscow, 123112, Russia.
Income for 2019* Operating income US$ 7.2m
Profit before income tax US$ 20.1m
Net income US$ 7.5m
Total assets* RUB 75.4bn
Regulator Central Bank of Russia (CBR)
Credit rating ACRA AAA(RU), stable outlook

*2019 average FX rate calculated @ RUB 64.74 / US$

Information correct as of 31 December 2019 unless otherwise stated.

Cash management and remote banking

Fast, easy and safe.

A relationship manager will support you with information and assistance with legal documents. An extensive network of correspondent banks ensures high-speed and reliable payments.


SMBCR can open accounts in

RUB Russian ruble
USD United States dollar
EUR Euro
GBP British pound sterling
JPY Japanese yen
CNY Chinese yuan
HKD Hong Kong dollar
KZT Kazakhstani tenge



Working with the e-banking system SMBCR Faktura, is simple and intuitive; it is an effective solution to reduce costs and increases the efficiency of your invoicing administration.


Advantages for your company

  • Cost-effective solution to manage your everyday banking
  • Fast and secure way of sending and receiving information about your account
  • Export account information from remote banking system to your internal accounting system
  • Banking transactions made on the system are subject to high levels of security
  • Regular payments to the same beneficiary can be saved as a template for future use to save your time
  • Choice of different user access levels
  • Friendly bilingual interfaces in Russian and English

Documentary business

SMBCR offers comprehensive documentary credit and bank guarantee services to securely fund your needs during important transactions and effectively increase your investment potential.


Letters of credit

A letter of credit is usually used to guarantee that a buyer’s payment to a seller will be received in time and for the correct amount.

It is a hedging payment tool mainly used in international trade in order to eliminate risks such as unfamiliarity with a foreign country, customs, or political instability.

Letters of credit may be used in domestic transactions, in trading with real estate and securities, and in other cases that require a bank’s obligation for payment.


Bank guarantee

A bank guarantee is a written declaration by a bank to ensure the liabilities of a debtor will be met. It is a security instrument, by which the contract parties can minimise their commercial risks and agree more favourable commercial conditions.

On the basis of a request by a customer or correspondent bank, SMBCR provides all types of bank guarantees:

  • Bid bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Payment (advanced/down) guarantee
  • Other guarantees relating to lending

Customer financing

SMBCR’s customer base is diverse and has specific needs, and the bank is experienced and dedicated to meeting these. It enjoys a strong market presence in the arrangement and underwriting of various types of syndicated and bilateral loan transactions.



The bank’s business in Russia focuses on the main industries where SMBC Group has a solid track record:

  • Aircraft and airlines
  • Automotive and manufacturing
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Financial institutions
  • Metals and mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Power and renewable energy
  • Shipping
  • Telecoms
  • Transport


Overall coordination

From origination to signing, SMBCR carefully monitors changes in the market situation and customers’ demands during the whole period of financing. The bank aims to effectively manage the requests of its customers and achieve an increase of existing credit.

Currency control

Currency control legislation imposes various restrictions on payments in roubles and foreign currency between residents and non-residents. Despite significant liberalisation of currency regulation, certain currency law restrictions continue to exist.


SMBCR as your currency control agent

  • Consult on currency control legislation.
  • Analysis of foreign trade contracts according to the requirements of currency legislation, assistance in preparing of drafts of foreign trade contracts.
  • Assist in drawing up and completing ‘deal passports’ and other documents of currency control.
  • Consult on the procedure of execution and accounting of currency operations using various forms of settlements: letter of credit, collection, bank transfer.


SMBCR Treasury Department meets a wide variety of customer demands on a case-by-case basis by exploring tailor-made solutions utilising the strong relationship it has with its parent company’s treasury operations in Japan and the UK.


Individual approach for every customer

SMBCR offers high-quality services for customer and interbank market transactions. It has an active money-market desk offering pricing in deposits and loans.

With Russian trade relationships to global economy evolving, there is a growing demand for hedging. To meet those needs, SMBCR’s trading desk can offer standard foreign exchange transactions as well as more sophisticated hedging strategies.

Information is key in the financial world, and SMBCR prides itself on proactive measures to make this information known to its customers through a series of reports and with direct contact with its customers. The bank compiles this information from a variety of sources amongst an extensive network of its contacts based in financial institutions around the globe.