A trusted and reliable partner to the world’s leading airlines

One-stop product coverage with SMBC Aviation Capital, SMBC Nikko and SMFL providing an integrated SMBC aviation product offering, putting our customers’ requirements at the centre.

With long-term customer relationships at their core, SMBC Group teams in Europe, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo have deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of aircraft financing and provide comprehensive solutions throughout the cycle.

SMBC Group has been a reliable and active aircraft financier in EMEA since the 1980s, and is a leading Jolco arranger with a proven track record of helping customers enter or re-enter the market.

Product offering

  • Secured loans
  • Japanese operating leases (Jolco), debt and equityL
  • Pre-delivery payment (PDP) financing
  • Enhanced equipment trust certificates (EETC), debt and equity capital marketsN, liquidity facilities and operating leases
  • ECA, insurance covered, aircraft portfolio, and aircraft engine financing

See project finance for financing of airport infrastructure.

L Equity-related products and services provided by SMFL
N Products and services provided by SMBC Nikko



SMBC Aviation Capital

Through our subsidiary SMBC Aviation Capital, a leading global aircraft leasing company incorporated in Dublin, Ireland, we lease commercial jet aircraft to airlines and offer investors and aircraft owners a range of investment opportunities and management services.

Sumitomo Mitsui Finance & Leasing Co Ltd

Our corporate relationships are built on trust. As our customers navigate the opportunities and challenges presented by an ever-changing economic landscape, they can count on SMBC to carefully balance short-term results and long-term stability. SMBC has always maintained a prudent and far-sighted approach whilst emphasising innovation and performance. Sumitomo Mitsui Finance & Leasing Co Ltd helps execute this strategy.