Making sustainability a reality

SMBC Group is adopting a pro-active approach to support its customers reduce their environmental impact through green loans and bonds and sustainability linked financing.

The United Nations principles for responsible investment (PRI) have prompted many investors to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into their decision-making process.

SMBC Group recognises that society is presently facing immense challenges and that urgent and bold actions are required to transition to a sustainable and resilient world. Based on this understanding, SMBC Group aims to realise the goals set forth by the UN for sustainable development and resolving social issues. As a financial institution, we will engage and act together with customers and other stakeholders to contribute to a global transformation into a better society.

The environment is an irreplaceable asset shared between generations and is the foundations of social sustainability. Once damaged, it is difficult to restore, and we recognise that innovation is essential to resolve issues such as climate change. Today’s generation recognises its responsibility to bequeath the environment to future generations. Based on this recognition, SMBC Group supports the spirit of the Paris Agreement and will contribute to resolving environmental issues.


SMBC Group has launched a ten-year plan to promote a sustainable world. The name, GREENxGLOBE 2030, represents the environment and our corporate colours leveraged through our global network.

Key performance indicators

  • Ten trillion Japanese yen invested in green finance
  • 1.5 million participants in SMBC Group financial education programmes
  • Annual reports measuring the social impact of our activities
  • Tracking employee and customer awareness and engagement in ESG
  • Reducing SMBC Group’s carbon footprint by 30% (CO2 emissions compared with 2018 levels).

SMBC Group will contribute to a sustainable society by addressing environmental and social issues