Documentation, structuring, execution and investor positioning

SMBC Group provides debt capital markets coverage to an extensive group of issuers including corporates, financial institutions, supranational and sovereign and agencies, and special purpose vehicles

Our dedicated debt capital markets desk provides expert advice and execution for public and private bond issuance in core markets such as euro, United States dollar, British pound sterling and Japanese yen.

Our team is able to guide issuers through the issuance process from structuring, documentation and legal requirements, to execution of the relevant funding solution and investor relations. Particular focus is dedicated to corporate, structured finance and emerging market benchmark transactions for distribution to an international investor audience.

Structured finance

The debt capital markets structured finance team focuses on the origination, structuring and execution of structured debt financing transactions including project and infrastructure bonds, aircraft and shipping finance transactions, ECA-covered bonds and asset backed securities (ABS), both distributed in the debt capital markets and via private placement to institutional investors.

Debt syndication

The debt syndication desk provides an interface between the origination and distribution functions facilitating best execution for clients. It provides input on market dynamics, investor appetite and pricing, and underwrites new public bond transactions originated by the debt capital markets team.

Corporate strategy and analytics

Corporate strategy and analytics provides advisory input for corporates ranging from optimal capital and funding structures, ratings advisory, forward looking credit market trends, investor and credit analyst perception feedback and investor positioning.

Liability management

The liability management team advises on structures and executes repurchases and exchanges, as well as consent solicitations for existing debt instruments. These can either be stand-alone transactions or form part of wider corporate restructuring in order to make the balance sheet more efficient.


The advisory team provide a broad range of services to corporate and financial institution debt issuers including credit story development and investor positioning, sustainable finance, bank capital advisory and bond liability management.