Convenient, efficient and secure real-time online banking

Determine your financial position, initiate fund transfers and review confirmations from anywhere in the world, at any time, simply connect to E-Moneyger®.

Transaction services

Tools to suit your needs

Domestic and international transfer and collection.

Accounts payables and receivables

Transactions can be uploaded from your accounting system, entered manually, or setup quickly using the quick entry service based on predefined payment templates.


Single euro payments area (SEPA) products

  • Credit transfers – send single non-urgent Euro payments within the SEPA area
  • Bulk transfers – initiate batch SEPA payments, suitable for regular payments
  • Direct debits – a pan-European euro direct debit service, enabling collections from all SEPA countries
  • E-Moneyger® displays real-time status updates for each instruction, making it easy to track exactly where your instructions are, and provides data search functions to help you manage the transfer.

Multi-bank transfers

Multi-bank transfers can be used to control funds at third party banks securely and seamlessly. The service is designed for companies that hold accounts at banks all over the world, and want to manage their transactions via a single source.*

Key benefits

  • Flexible payment entry, edit and approval
  • Template registration for frequent remittances
  • Selection of only unapproved items for easy approval
  • Easy search and viewing of payment status
  • Import payment data from your accounting software.

*The multi-bank transfer service requires mutual agreement between the banks. SMBC Group offers this service but cannot guarantee that third-party banks will provide the same.


Complete real-time balance and transaction inquiry services

Find your latest SMBC Group statements online and choose daily, weekly, monthly or your preferred period from the past three years. Account reports can assist you with payable and receivable reconciliations by separating all debit and credit items and offering transaction search, sort, and export functions.

Receive and display your account data from third-party banks with multi-bank reporting. The consolidated balance report shows the total position of all accounts, and allows you to convert the balances into a selected currency, either using your own internal exchange rates or rates provided by the bank.

Additionally, maturity reports including investments, foreign exchange and loans are available to assist you with liquidity management.

Key benefits

  • View real-time balance and transactions information
  • Export data to CAMT.053, Excel, BAI and SWIFT MT940
  • Search using filters for specific reports and transactions
  • Multi-bank account reporting
  • Selective debit and credit data for easy reconciliation.

Liquidity management

SMBC Group provides pan-European liquidity services for corporate customers, with tools to manage their group's varying liquidity positions. It provides companies with a means to centralise control of decentralised cash positions, leading to increased interest income and a reduction of interest expenses.

Cash pooling helps you make the most of your money, with funds automatically swept between your designated subsidiary accounts and main pooling account at the end of each day.

If you choose the two-way pooling scheme, funds will be swept back to the subsidiary accounts the next morning. Opt for one-way pooling to leave funds in the main account.

Key benefits

  • Reduced interest charges as surplus funds on one account can be used to offset a debit balance on another. Similarly, higher interest is earned on credit balances when they are gathered into one account.
  • Improved liquidity management as making internal transfers to fund and defund accounts become unnecessary. Loan money from within the company without a third-party.
  • Centralised control of the group's currency position for investment and money market purposes, whilst maintaining a record of each account's contribution to the total balance pool.
  • Online cash pooling and interest statements provide records of transfers made by each subsidiary account to the main cash pool account and calculate daily interest based on these balances. Subsidiary account interest rates can also be set-up and maintained via E-Moneyger®.

Treasury confirmations

Greater efficiency and security with online deal confirmation

In foreign exchange and money market transactions, where large funds are traded, it is crucial that all details are checked and confirmed in good time prior to the value date.

With E-Moneyger®, shortly after a deal is agreed, details of the trade are sent to you online for review and confirmation or query. You can be assured that all your forex and deposit trades will be recorded and settled correctly and the need to receive, sign and send paper confirmations will disappear.

Trade finance

Export letter of credit advice

Timely receipt of non-negotiable letter of credit copies and amendments at no extra cost.

Key benefits

  • Immediate cost-savings
  • Enhanced accuracy in preparation of documents
  • Improved convenience and time-savings
  • Better logistics management.


SMBC Group is committed to security and privacy

Safeguarding your information and protecting your transactions is taken very seriously by SMBC Group. A range of measures and technologies are used to protect your data.

Key benefits

  • Only authorised and registered users can access data.
  • Two-factor authentication requires all users to enter a password and a one-time-code from a security token to log in.
  • Enhanced website validation assures users that they are accessing the legitimate E-Moneyger® site and not a phishing site.
  • Choose a personal message to see during login.
  • End-to-end 128-bit data encryption using secure sockets layer (SSL).
  • Unauthorised access prevented by firewall technologies.
  • 24/7 system monitoring.

Learn more about security at the SMBC Security Centre


SMBC Group supports SWIFT SCORE FIN and FileAct

SCORE offers a secure, access-controlled communication channel through the use of SWIFT public key infrastructure.

FIN allows for the sending and receiving of individual standardised messages between a corporate and its banks, whereas FileAct allows for the transmission of financial data in a wider range of data formats.

FIN message types

  • Requests for transfer via MT101 
  • End-of-day account statements via MT940 
  • Intraday account statements via MT942 
  • Foreign exchange and money market confirmation via MT300 and MT320.

FileAct key features and formats

  • End-of-day account statements in ISO20022 camt.053
  • Intraday account statements in ISO20022 camt.052
  • SEPA transfers in ISO20022 pain.001
  • Other international transfers in ISO20022 pain.001 or SWIFT MT101
  • Payment status reports in ISO20022 pain.002
  • UK Bacs transfers in Bacs Standard 18 (SMBC BI London only).


SMBC Group was an early supporter of SWIFT's new cross border payment tracking and visibility standards known as Global Payments Innovation (gpi). Through gpi’s tracking functions and its attendant pay and trace capabilities (g4CPT) customers:

  • Can send payment instructions (MT101 or pain.001) containing their own UETR which will be retained during the lifecycle of the payment
  • Receive near real-time visibility and status updates on their outbound payments in their TMS or ERP systems
  • Gain full insight on remittance data, paid amounts, bank routing, deductions and processing times
  • Know exactly when the beneficiary's account has been credited*
  • No longer need to contact the bank to know the status of a payment or understand fees*
  • Can compare different routing strategies by giving visibility on all fees and deductions in the payment chain
  • May better estimate how long a transaction will take for each payment corridor.

*Not all third-party banks will send status updates to the gpi tracker, therefore the latest or final status and details, such as charges, may not always be made available.


Host-to-host connectivity provides a secure channel for the direct transmission and receipt of messages in industry standard formats to and from SMBC Group.

Host-to-host offers a reliable, encrypted channel through which to communicate with the bank based on widely used transmission methods and encryption protocols.

Key features and formats

  • End-of-day account statements in ISO20022 camt.053
  • Intraday account statements in ISO20022 camt.052
  • SEPA transfers in ISO20022 pain.001
  • Other international transfers in ISO20022 pain.001 or SWIFT MT101
  • Payment status reports in ISO20022 pain.002
  • UK Bacs transfers in Bacs Standard 18 (SMBC BI London only).

Third-party providers and APIs

A new way to access your accounts

Changes to European banking regulation have been introduced with the second Payments Services Directive (PSD2) that give provision for third-party access to accounts (XS2A). With the consent of account holders, new authorised third-party providers (TPPs) are able to facilitate account information or payment initiation services from accounts held with banks or other payment service providers. SMBC Group has adopted a Europe-wide standard of API used by financial institutions and promoted by the Berlin Group.

For TPPs

SMBC Group welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with TPPs in helping meet the mutual needs of customers and aims to make this process as transparent and simple as possible. The bank has adopted the Berlin Group's NextGenPSD2 XSD2 v1.3 specification, released in December 2018, as a basis for providing market standard API services. Technical Specifications and FAQs are available on the SMBC Developer Portal to assist TPPs in interacting with SMBC Group. In the absence of an exemption, a contingency mechanism for TPPs is also available and detailed in the developer portal.

Service terms and conditions

See customer information and notices for agreements governing the terms and conditions associated with the cash management services that SMBC Group provides to its customers.