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Tuesday 11 May 2021

The following foreign currency remittance rates are published at the start of each business day for customers (in EU / EEA countries only) to determine the conversion rate applied for low value remittances. In the event of high volatility, the table may be re-issued during the business day to reflect current market rates.

  Currency Currency GBP Currency EUR EUR Currency
AED 5.1834 4.4573 0.2244
AUD 1.8010 1.5481 0.6460
CAD 1.7067 1.4680 0.6812
CHF* 1.2733 1.0948 0.9134
CNY 9.0703 7.7990 0.1282
CZK 29.7740 25.6100 0.0390
DKK 8.6474 7.4355 0.1345
EUR 1.1629 - -
GBP - 0.8597 1.1629
HKD 10.9610 9.4235 0.1061
HUF 416.5400 358.1800 0.0028
JPY 153.7200 132.1500 0.0076
KWD 0.4144 0.3628 2.7563
MXN 28.1080 24.1705 0.0414
NOK 11.6733 10.0390 0.0996
NZD 1.9407 1.6686 0.5993
PLN 5.3085 4.5662 0.2190
QAR 5.1371 4.5000 0.2222
RON 5.7255 4.9231 0.2031
RUB 104.6320 89.9816 0.0111
SAR 5.2932 4.5500 0.2198
SEK 11.7836 10.1324 0.0987
SGD 1.8727 1.6102 0.6210
USD 1.4113 1.2136 0.8240
ZAR 19.8147 17.0399 0.0587

A maximum margin of 3% is applied for all remittances of less than US$10,000 or equivalent. For remittances in excess of US$10,000, customers should contact their marketing officer or our Treasury Department customer desk for a quotation.

For remittances in Bulgarian Lev, Estonian Kroon, Icelandic Krona, Latvian Lats, and Lithuanian Litas or other EEA currencies not shown, please contact your marketing officer directly.

*Although CHF is a non-EEA currency, for the purposes of the Payment Services Directive it is the nominated currency for Liechtenstein.

The exchange rates listed on this page are published at the start of each business day for customers in EU / EEA countries only. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Limited have taken reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the exchange rates on this page, however, do not guarantee their accuracy, and will not accept liability for any loss or damage which may arise directly or indirectly from the exchange rates including, without limitation, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. In case of any inaccuracy and, for the avoidance of doubt, the exchange rate applicable to any transaction shall be the market exchange rate for the currency in question as at the time any such transaction is concluded.