Website Validation

Through validation measures we can ensure that you are entering the legitimate E-Moneyger® site and not a replica 'phishing' site.

To protect against phishing and other forms of online fraud E-Moneyger® has an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. This is an industry best practice solution designed to show you instantly that you are interacting with the legitimate website and not a fraudulent website. Navigating to a website, such as E-Moneyger®, that is using an Extended Validation SSL Certificate will turn your browsers address bar green and will display the companies name and who has issued their security certificate. This green address bar tells you that the website is fully encrypted and that a certification authority has verified the website is run by a legitimate organization. 

At SMBC we believe that robust security is the key to safety online and so in addition to the Extended Validation SSL Certificate employed in E-Moneyger® we also utilize a personal greeting message. This allows you to choose a personal message, which only you would know, to be displayed prior to entering your password and token response.

By looking out for these 2 factors you can always be assured that you are accessing the legitimate E-Moneyger® site.

If, when logging in, you do not see your personal message or the address bar is not green, do not attempt to log on. Contact our dedicated helpdesk, for assistance.