Protecting your privacy
E-Moneyger® does not store information about your user session on your computer; neither does it make use of cookies on your computer to track your behavior. All information related to your E-Moneyger® session (e.g., page visited in E-Moneyger®) is stored within E-Moneyger® itself and is destroyed once the session is closed.

We seek independent assurance over our security technologies and practices 
  • E-Moneyger® infrastructure and technologies are subject to frequent review by both internal and external auditors.
  • In advance of each upgrade to E-Moneyger®, a detailed assessment of the application code is conducted to identify potential vulnerabilities and targeted 'attacks' are performed to ensure that the application cannot be easily exploited.
  • A trusted third party performs technical vulnerability assessments every month to identify any potential weaknesses in the security architecture.