Enhanced Security Tools

SMBC has partnered with Trusteer to provide free enhanced security tools to our customers.


Trusteer Rapport Works to Protect You from Real-World-Threats

Trusteer Rapport works alongside your current security software, increasing your protection and decreasing your susceptibility to criminal activity.

It protects your username, token code, password and other sensitive login information from interception by those attempting to commit fraud (even if your computer is infected with viruses or malware). Trusteer Rapport is designed to:

  • verify that you are connected to legitimate SMBC websites;
  • lock down your browser and create a tunnel for safe communication with those websites;
  • remove malware specifically targeting financial institutions; and
  • create a secure line of communication between you and the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is SMBC offering this free software?

Internet attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and additional layers of protection are required to enhance security. With the introduction of Rapport, SMBC is able to provide you with a free to use software service that delivers enhanced security designed to help combat such attacks.

Once installed, do I need to update the software?

No, once installed, you should not need to interact with the software. Trusteer Rapport is designed to upgrade itself in response to emerging internet threats.

What are the benefits of Trusteer Rapport?

Trusteer Rapport is designed to:

  • Prevent you from inputting your E-Moneyger® password and token code on counterfeit sites;
  • Automatically secure the connection between you and E-Moneyger® services, ensuring that none of the information you input into our internet banking systems is visible to fraudsters; and
  • Allow you to secure connections to your other online sites where you input or access sensitive data.

What are the steps to install Trusteer Rapport?

Simply download Trusteer Rapport from the link above/below and follow the simple instructions. The installation will require only simple steps and you will not need to reboot your PC.

Will the software work with my PC?

Trusteer Rapport is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and to run with no noticeable impact on the performance of your PC. It works alongside your existing security software (anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls etc). SMBC and Trusteer have tested Trusteer Rapport for compatibility with a wide range of software and security tools. Please refer to Trusteer's website for supported systems.

I am having problems with installing/using Trusteer Rapport. What can I do?

Please view the Support page on the Trusteer Rapport website for any questions on issues with installing/using Trusteer Rapport.

I have already downloaded Trusteer Rapport for use on another website, do I need to download it again?

No, your version of Trusteer has already updated itself to protect your access to E-Moneyger®.