Comprehensive Covid-19 pandemic plan

SMBC Group in EMEA has deployed a comprehensive pandemic plan across the region to ensure the continuity of its business operations and the ongoing provision of products and services to its customers, to the extent possible.

However, due to the widespread disruption caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, the bank is subject to the same constraints as other organisations and is unable to guarantee that its services will not be impacted.

SMBC Group’s contingency plan is aligned with government and public health best practice guidelines and assumptions. The bank has established a proven remote working capability which has been deployed at scale, which, in combination with the utilisation of its disaster recovery sites, has allowed it to sustain effective business operations. In addition, a minimum number of designated employees, each performing critical functions only, have been able to continue to work in our offices, in a safe environment, compliant with current guidelines.

SMBC Group continues to develop a plan for a safe, controlled and phased return to our many offices across the EMEA region. The plan will be informed by, and adhere to, official guidance. SMBC Group’s focus remains the safety and wellbeing of its employees, whilst maintaining the best possible customer and market services. It will continue to operate in accordance with social distancing requirements and in observance of official guidance, whilst actively supporting staff health and wellbeing.

Latest developments

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