Tailored Solutions to Support Global Business

Leveraging SMBC’s extensive institutional resources and broad global network, our Corporate Banking team serves as an essential partner for clients executing complex financial transactions. Whatever the requirement, we tailor solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Responsiveness is central to our approach. Each client is matched with an experienced Relationship Manager who confirms client goals and requirements, assembles the best SMBC team for the job, and ensures delivery of an optimal solution. From international mergers and acquisitions to unique cross-border financing arrangements, we help our clients execute successful transactions across a range of industries.

Trustworthy. Resourceful. Responsive.

When our clients work with us, they gain the advantage of a committed and capable corporate banking partner who offers:

Global support:  We are continually expanding our market reach and evolving our solutions to meet the needs of clients around the world.

Expert guidance:  We know the market — from regulatory developments to investment trends and new opportunities for our clients.

Optimal service:  We are driven to meet the highest standards of excellence and are continually seeking ways to improve our service, solutions, and delivery.

Financial stability:  As one of the largest banks in the world, we are well capitalized and have strong and stable ratings.

Sound reputation:  We are known and respected in the industry for our outstanding service and solutions.

Industries We Serve

Aerospace, Defense & Transportation

Large US aerospace and defense contractors and other emerging companies in the sector count on our comprehensive capabilities and products: credit-related products, capital market and bond-related derivatives, letters of credit and guarantees, and direct finance of non-offensive military equipment for allied nations. Cruise lines, car rental, railroad, shipping, and logistics companies also rely on our considerable expertise and creative approach to problem-solving.

Automotive & Industrial

We have extensive experience in originating, structuring, and executing transactions to meet the unique needs of our clients in the automotive and industrial sectors. In addition, we keep our clients abreast of important market and regulatory developments through our continuous monitoring and research. Our market intelligence, product expertise, and extensive global network shape the financing strategies we develop to meet our clients’ objectives.  

Chemicals & Materials

Our Chemicals & Materials team provides wholesale banking services to customers across the agribusiness, chemical, forest products, packaging, and metals sectors. Domestically and on a global scale, we provide solutions via balance sheet commitments and structured products for unique situations. In a dynamic marketplace, our growing platform has allowed us to execute deals in trade financing, structured leasing, mergers and acquisitions, derivatives, and capital markets on behalf of our clients.  

Consumer & Retail

Our Consumer Products & Retail team combines in-depth industry knowledge with the resources and capabilities of SMBC's global financial network to deliver solutions that help clients achieve their objectives. We offer a broad range of corporate and investment banking products and services on a global basis, including capital commitments, debt and equity financing, trade finance, leasing, derivatives, short-term investments, cash management, and specialized foreign exchange research.
We focus on the following key sectors:
Household & Personal Care
Consumer Durables
Food & Beverage
Restaurants & Food Service
Specialty Retailing
Footwear, Apparel & Accessories
General Merchandising

Energy & Natural Resources, Oil & Gas

Our corporate banking activities in the energy and natural resources sector include utilities, power generating, and transmission. We offer products across all sectors of the energy and natural resources industries, and we coordinate closely with SMBC’s structured finance teams on power-related project financings. SMBC’s Oil & Gas team originates, structures, and executes corporate and project finance transactions in North America. The team has extensive knowledge of all segments in the oil and gas industry across the value chain, including exploration and production, pipelines and processing, refining and services, LNG plants, and shipping as well as integrated oil companies. SMBC offers a wide array of products, such as bilateral and syndicated credit facilities, letter of credit support, global trade finance lines, funding for joint-venture operations, liquidity financings, project financings, support for merger and acquisition activities, foreign exchange, and other derivative lines.  


SMBC supports global contractors and construction companies with financing solutions for both their domestic and global projects as well as with their corporate banking needs. Our Engineering team accesses a global network of relationships with internationally-based firms across Asia, Europe, and South America.  


Our Healthcare team combines deep industry expertise with the resources of SMBC's global network to deliver corporate finance solutions to our clients. We offer a broad range of commercial and investment banking products to a portfolio of high-quality pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and healthcare facilities and services clients.  These products include acquisition financing, debt and equity capital markets, trade finance, bilateral and syndicated credit facilities, letters of credit, foreign exchange strategies, leasing, derivatives, short-term investments, and cash management as well as other forms of credit support. Our team also collaborates with SMBC's Public Finance team to support the large non-profit hospital network in the US by offering liquidity and credit enhancement on municipal bond offerings in the form of letters of credit as well as direct purchases of series of municipal bonds. Our Healthcare team also provides industry expertise in support of SMBC's large corporate and middle-market leveraged finance franchise and privately held healthcare portfolio companies.  

Media, Technology & Telecom

Our Media, Technology & Telecom (MTT) team has a substantial track record in the marketplace in both traditional and growth areas, such as digital media. SMBC has been involved in the majority of landmark MTT deals over the last 10 years, including mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, bridge loans, IPOs, and off-balance sheet structures. SMBC is also a long-term, reliable relationship bank for many of the top corporate names in the MTT sector.  

Sports Finance

SMBC has extensive experience in the North American sports and stadium/arena finance business with a portfolio that is spread across all five major North American professional sports leagues. The Sports Finance team is experienced in structuring transactions across a broad spectrum of unique and complex lending structures, inclusive of team, acquisition, construction, and owner financings, in addition to providing financial advisory services.  

Utilities & Power

SMBC has an extensive and geographically diverse portfolio of utility and power relationships and offers a broad range of banking products, including balance sheet support, capital markets solutions, investment banking services, leasing, trade cash management, and other treasury services. Additionally, with substantial resources dedicated to structuring and executing non-recourse financings spanning the entirety of the energy, power, and natural resources sectors, we are uniquely positioned to service the needs of our utility and power clients both in the US and abroad.

Japan and Asia Corporate Banking

SMBC helps Japanese and Asian corporations operating in North and South America find solutions to their financing needs. Our clients’ diverse businesses include auto-related manufacturing, machinery and electronic-device manufacturing, trading companies, transportation companies, mining companies, retailers, and real estate companies. Our clients are expanding in many areas, including natural resources and infrastructure-related industries as well as through merger and acquisition activities. In response to the rapidly evolving marketplace, SMBC has developed a wide range of products that can help our clients to capitalize on their new opportunities. Our Relationship Managers work with clients to ensure that the full range of SMBC’s global resources, products, and services are made available.

Latin America Corporate Banking

In Latin America, SMBC offers an integrated product platform for corporate clients, project sponsors, and financial institutions. Our Latin America Department includes a structuring and execution team based in New York as well as regional operations in São Paulo, Mexico City, Bogota, Lima, and Santiago.

Through multinational and regional teamwork, the team provides comprehensive products and services that include project finance, financial advisory, corporate and structured finance, and financial institutions business. The Latin America Department also acts as a liaison in Latin America for the other key product groups within SMBC, including export and agency finance (both Japanese and non-Japanese agencies), trade finance, and securities activities.

SMBC is one of the leading banks in the region supporting the financing needs of top investors in selected industries, structuring finance arrangements and syndicating credit facilities or lending on a club deal basis. Most of our corporate lending in Latin America benefits from structural elements whereby country and credit risks are mitigated through the use of agency financing (ECA guarantees/insurance and financing with multilateral agencies) or through mechanisms whereby debt is serviced through export receivables captured off-shore. Our existing and expanding relationships with the most reputable entities in the region support SMBC's origination and cross-selling efforts in Latin America.

Our Latin America team enjoys a close relationship with the leading commercial banks in the region, which are active users of our correspondent banking products and services and of our trade finance solutions. Jointly with SMBC Nikko Securities, SMBC has become a household name for arranging securitization facilities of diversified payment rights (electronic remittances) for the top banks in particular countries, notably Brazil and Peru. SMBC has also been supporting capital expenditure financing through two-step loans in conjunction with export credit agencies.