Efficient and Seamless Cash Management Solutions

SMBC offers a wide range of Cash Management services for managing liquidity. Through our Cash Management suite of products, we provide the highest quality payables and receivables-processing solutions available.


SMBC Cash Management helps our clients automate, control, and streamline their payment and settlement processes and enables efficient management of supplier relationships. Our products include:

Wire Transfer

For payments that need same-day attention, including investments, treasury transactions or foreign exchange, and third-party settlements, our Wire Transfer service allows for easy and efficient processing.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

For payments to employees or vendors, or other similar transactions, our ACH service is a secure tool that facilitates disbursements predictably while helping to decrease the incidence of check fraud.

Controlled Disbursement

SMBC Controlled Disbursement is designed to improve funds management, expand information access, and increase visibility into transactions with minimal administrative involvement.

Positive Pay

Our clients benefit from the protection of SMBC Positive Pay, an automated check-matching service that mitigates check-fraud risk and facilitates account reconcilement.

Receivables Services

We understand the challenges our clients face and provide the highest quality receivables processing solutions available. Our products include:

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

SMBC ACH is a secure payment tool that enables receipt of payments and ensures convenience and reliability in customer transactions.


SMBC Lockbox offers a comprehensive suite of innovative services for our clients to manage their daily accounts receivables.

Remote Check Deposit

SMBC Remote Check Deposit allows our clients to scan checks and associated payment details received at remote locations and electronically transmits the images to SMBC where they are processed and cleared.

Cash Pooling and Zero Balance Accounts

SMBC’s Cash Pooling and Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) are ideal tools for using surplus funds to reduce external debt and increase liquidity.

Delivery Channel Services

Our services include:

Online Banking and Information Reporting

E-Moneyger® is SMBC’s corporate online banking portal that enables our clients to manage cash and make real-time business decisions seamlessly and securely from virtually any location where they can connect with the SMBC website.

Direct Transmission

SMBC Direct Transmission offers our clients the ability to send and receive files securely in industry standard file formats to allow integration with ERP systems or Treasury Management Work Stations (TWS).


As a member of the SWIFT SCORE network, SMBC enables our clients to make payments and receive banking information via SWIFT’s messaging platform so that they can communicate with multiple banking partners through a consolidated, secure, and standard communication channel.