Effective Training

Our training curriculum delivers key messages about how to incorporate diversity and inclusion into everyday business at all levels of the organization. The curriculum offers a range of programs that include focus on diversity, cross-cultural issues, effective work relationships, our core values as an organization and ways to contribute to a respectful and inclusive work environment. In addition, we integrate cultural training into our orientation programs for all incoming hires.


As a participant in a variety of internal and external networks, we promote and contribute to an authentic dialogue on the topics of inclusion and diversity. We value these opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences, as the discourse helps to shape and improve our approach to creating a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive workplace.

Over the years, we have hosted and offered our support to:

  • Womens Leadership Symposium
  • Diversity and Leadership Conference
  • Military Summit
  • Generational Summit
  • Cross Cultural Competency Presenter
  • Mentor Factor
  • Financial Women's Panels
  • Junior Leadership Development
  • Speaker Events
  • Career Development Workshops