Inclusion, Intentionality, and Teamwork.

At SMBC, we emphasize intentionality in our inclusion and diversity efforts. We strive to cultivate an inclusive work environment where each employee feels proud to be their authentic selves, bring their personal uniqueness, and progress toward their full potential. With this goal in mind, we have implemented initiatives that help attract and retain a workforce of experienced professionals and inspire a corporate culture that derives strength from diversity of thought.

Enterprise Resource Groups and Community Partnerships

Enterprise Resource Groups and Community Partnerships


For more than 50 years, Catalyst has firmly believed that women must achieve parity with men in opportunity, leadership, and pay in the workplace, or risk being marginalized in every other arena. The group’s Catalyst for Change events span the globe, addressing topics vital to women in the workplace.  Learn More


Financial Women's Association

SMBC is proud to be a President’s Circle sponsor for the Financial Women’s Association, which brings together high-achieving professionals from every sector of the financial industry. FWA is dedicated to developing future leaders, enhancing the role of women in finance, and investing in the community. In this vital work, FWA is fortunate to have the partnership of prestigious institutions, government agencies, and talented individuals. Learn More


Tri-State Diversity Council

SMBC is a proud Silver partner of the Tri-State Diversity Council (TSDC) in their efforts to promote the importance of diversity and inclusion efforts within the workplace and community. The TSDC is committed to enhancing the appreciation for and understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion within various organizations and industries.  Learn More


Future Leaders Incubator

Future Leaders Incubator (FLI) is an enterprise resource group that aims to bridge the gap between generations, provide a platform for employees to develop, hone, and showcase leadership qualities and marketable skills, give back to the communities we serve, and to act as a conduit for innovation at SMBC.


NIJI Pride

The mission of NIJI Pride, our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Supporter/Ally (“LGBTA”) Inclusion Network, is to create an open and welcoming workplace for all employees of SMBC, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. The network’s goal is to help foster an environment that allows everyone to reach their full potential and allows SMBC to demonstrate its vision of inclusion and diversity both internally and externally. This enhances SMBC’s image in the market and improves our ability to attract and retain high-quality, motivated individuals who will add value to the organization.



UNIQUE’s mission is to integrate the disability community into the firm’s culture through awareness, support, and advocacy. The purpose of UNIQUE is to provide support to UNIQUE employees and build awareness of disabilities across the organization, improve the employee experience by creating an emotionally intelligent culture, create a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and recommend suggestions for accommodations and access for UNIQUE employees.


Veterans Enhancing Talent and Success

VETS is a key resource for all-veteran related issues and initiatives. This enterprise resource group helps to foster inclusion and diversity among the military veteran community within SMBC. VETS also works closely with our HR Talent Acquisition Team and external partners to assist veterans who are transitioning into the workforce and helps to enhance SMBC’s reputation among the external veteran community and financial services industry.


Women's Inclusion Network

Our Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) plays a key role in SMBC’s rapid growth by helping us to maximize our human capital. WIN works in partnership with senior management and Human Resources to create a positive environment for women and to cultivate talented women in leadership roles. By empowering women, WIN becomes a driving force for diversifying the talent pool at the foundation of SMBC’s sustainable success. WIN is targeted to women, but as an inclusive network, it reaches out to both men and women to help them reach their full career potential.