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A Message from SMBC Americas Division CEO Hiro Hyakutome

SMBC Americas Division CEO Nobuyuki Kawabata

At SMBC, we connect the diversity of our employees to the resilience of  our firm. We strongly encourage an inclusive environment so that our staff can be their authentic selves and fully thrive in their roles.

It is our belief that diversity is not only about demographic differences but also of thought, knowledge, skills, and culture. The acceptance of such diversity strengthens each one of us and is essential to the success of our firm. We are deeply committed to attracting and retaining a high-performing, talented, and diverse workforce.

Our culture provides a welcoming and respectful workplace where employees collaborate in an open environment, share feedback, and perform as integrated team members. We understand that those who can easily contribute their ideas will ultimately deliver more creative solutions and better results for each other, the organization, and our clients.

Our employee-led resource groups give staff the chance to promote diversity in how they work and what they do. These networks create awareness and drive conversations around problem solving, leadership, collaboration, diversity, and inclusion. Understanding each other, especially our differences, and connecting with each other naturally fosters team building, innovation, smart productivity, efficiency, and ultimately a rewarding career. It is truly the best path to continued growth and success.

I encourage you to learn more about SMBC and our diversity initiatives on this page. Discover more about our current career opportunities, too.

Thank you.

In Action

In Action

SMBC is creating a workplace that enables employees with diverse backgrounds to excel, regardless of gender, nationality, and other individual differences. Learn More

We encourage our people to bring their authentic selves to work every day.